InterECM's newsletter software makes it easy for small and medium sized businesses to cater to and manage high volume demands!
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InterECM's email marketing software ensures your messages are received by the right people. Expand your marketing options with InterECM's email marketing services today! Online Marketing reaches more people in half the time! Try InterECM's trial version today!
InterECM is a web based email marketing software that gives you convenience and instant results!
Try InterECM's newsletter software and discover marketing results unlike any other! InterECM's email marketing service gives you the opportunity to reach more people than ever befor
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Email Marketing gives you greater brand presence!
InterECM Email Marketing Features
  • Unified Broadcasting
  • Fully Personalizable Content
  • User-Friendly Configuration
  • Reliable High Speed Engine
  • Scheduling Functions
  • Comprehensive Tracking & Reporting
  • Support Multiple Languages

InterECM Email Marketing Application Options

  • Newsletters, Brochures
  • e-Surveys, Customer Database Cleansing and Update
  • Email Promotions (Online Marketing Campaign, Product Launch)
  • e-Statement (Loyalty Points, Credit Card, Bank, Utility Statements)
  • Email Alerts and Notifications
  • Reservations/Confirmation Forms
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Online marketing is easy with InterECM. Contact us to find out more!

Email Marketing Simplified with InterECM

Greater marketing growth, extended reach and targeted consumers!

Smart, compact and scalable to suit any business, InterECM is an electronic campaign management tool primed for quick draw marketing needs.

Packed with campaign management essentials, InterECM perfects businesses looking to tap global markets without bearing the pinch of huge costs.

Try our trial package for free and let us know what you think and then ink your commitment to long lasting strategic and targeted marketing initiatives.

InterECM - Email Marketing at its best.

See how easy it is to create targeted email marketing campaigns .
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InterECM's targeted email marketing solution is packed with powerful features.
Find out more about InterECM's email marketing services.
InterECM's online marketing engine gives you custom control of your deliveries. Custom control, save time and money with scheduled deliveries. Email Marketing made easy begins with InterECM InterECM's web based email marketing software is simple and easy to use. Easy & Effective. Start campaigning in minutes with just a few clicks! Channel your marketing efforts online with InterECM!
Email Marketing is simple with InterECM's unique features!
Unlike other web based email marketing softwares, InterECM gives you in-depth reporting for total convenience! In-depth reporting and tracking. Easy to read graphical reports. Email Marketing with InterECM lowers operational costs and enhances marketing opportunities. Online marketing will never be the same again with InterECM. InterECM is designed for high speed, high volume email broadcasts. Email Marketing is affordable and scalable to your needs!
Deliver and track marketing campaigns with InterECM! Be known with InterECM's email marketing software. interecm Make the best of your marketing efforts with InterECM's Email Marketing Software! Email Marketing with InterECM can decrease the bottomline and expand profitability! interecm

Our Email Marketing Client List
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Tour Tour Tour InterECM's bulk email software and learn more about email marketing strategies. InterECM's free web based email marketing software is available for trial purposes only.